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Ann Arbor family company providing tree care services.

We're an Ann Arbor family company that takes pride in helping customers get their trees and landscaping looking the way they like, and in having them feel great about working with us. Our professional team can handle all of your tree needs from tree removal, to storm damage cleanup, brush removal, stump removal, downed tree cleanup, milling services, tree clearing services, and more. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. As a locally owned and operated business, we care about your experience and your property, that's why we work hard to remove your trees safely without damaging your home or business. And unlike most tree services, we're great at cleanup.

Tree Removal  // Downed Tree Cleanup  // Storm Damage Cleanup  // Milling Services // Brush Removal  // Stump Removal  // Tree Clearing // Tree Trimming // And Much More...

Our Tree Services Include:

A worker cleaning up storm damage tree debris.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Southeast Michigan storms produce winds, lighting, & tornados that can lead to devastating damage to your home or business. The resulting downed trees make travel difficult and litter your property with branches & debris. Tree Good Fellers can quickly restore your property. We offer fast & reliable downed tree services in Washtenaw County, MI.

Tree Removal, Clearing, & Stump Removal

Do you have a downed tree on your property? Tree Good Fellers can help! Our team can remove your downed or standing tree and process it into lumber, firewood, or a custom timber frame structure. We'll also remove branches & debris, and eliminate the remaining stump, restoring your yard to its former glory. Ask us about timber framing options!

A worker cutting a down tree with a chainsaw.
A man on a ladder performing tree maintenance.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

Does your tree need maintenance? Our professional team will prune your overgrown trees so you can enjoy more natural light on your property. Our tree trimming service can also remove branches over your home, making it harder for wildlife to get on your roof.

Milling Services

Transform your downed tree into lumber! Our team of experienced sawyers can mill your downed tree on-site leaving you with lumber for a DIY project or our craftsmen can transform your tree into a beautiful custom timber frame piece such as a mailbox, sign, bench, beam(s), shelves, or an awning to enhance the beauty of your property.

A man pushing a log through a sawmill.
“Charlie and his crew were life savers! They came by right after a big storm and quickly helped clear fallen trees, trim damaged limbs and left my yard looking great! They were very professional and reasonably priced. They were also just really nice people! I had covid when they came to work at my house and Charlie offered to make a grocery run for me. I greatly appreciated the kindness!"

Ann Arbor, MI

A down tree on a residential street.
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