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A large great room with a stone fireplace, furniture, and large exposed beams.

Great Rooms

Transform Your Great Room Into A Warm, Cozy, & Dignified Space With Timbers.

Custom Timber Great Rooms

Timber framed great rooms offer a warm and timeless beauty that conventionally framed homes simply can't offer. They can be added to your current home, or incorporated into the design of the house you are building!

What are you looking to do?

We can help with any of these scenarios!


Why A Timber Frame Great Room?

Timber frame great rooms provide multi-function spaces that are warm and inviting, and yet grand and impressive. They can:

Combine family room, study, and living room into one
Offer a place where the whole family can gather around the hearth
A lovely place for study, relaxation, and hosting gatherings

Compare Great Room Construction Options

There are many ways to make the advantages of a timber frame great room possible for you! 

Add Timber Accents to a Great Room

Transform your current living room into a great room with the addition of the warm and cozy timber frame look.

Affordably adds timber accents
Fast turn
around time
Facelift any style with class

Build a Hybrid or Full Frame Addition

 Create a grand or comfy great room as an extension to your existing home. It can be either a hybrid or fully framed structure.

High quality addition at moderate cost 
Adds spacious and unique beauty
Can be designed hybrid or full timber frame

Design a New Home with a Great Room

Add character to your new home by incorporating a timber frame great room into the plans for a new, currently unbuilt house.

Adds great value to a new home
Fully customizable structure options
Compatible with hybrid or fully framed homes

Your great room can be fully customized to fit your unique style and needs. Wood types include white oak or douglas fir, while truss styles can be King post, queen post, hammerbeam, scissor, common, or even other custom options.

Let's discuss the ways your great room can be transformed!

At Highland, We're Dedicated To Providing The Midwest With An Exceptional Timber Framing Experience

Explore Timber Frame Great Rooms:

Customization Options

Our frames are highly customizable and can be tailored to any number of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Our Frames Feature:

Adjustable floor plans, ceiling height, and roof pitches.

Compatibility with different roofing and siding materials to match existing buildings. 

Varying wood species from White and Red Oak to Douglas Fir, White Pine, and Walnut to name a few.

Wide variety of decorative rafter tail cuts and ornamental framing embellishments.

Framing: Full timber frame or a hybrid of conventional framing and timber frame.

And much more!

Our Experienced Craftsmen & Partners Can Handle Everything From Start To Finish For Your Timber Frame. 

 Consultation, Design, Milling, Joinery, Installation, Restoration, & More!

Make Your Dream A Reality.

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