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Interested In Joining Our Tree Service or Timber Framing Team?

Who Are We?

We at Highland Timber Framing and Trees Services are passionate about what we do. We are determined to give our customers as extraordinary of an experience in working with us as the product or service we give them. And we do that in a way that is healthy, inspiring, and fun.


On the tree services side, we have a few goals:

  • To leave each customer thrilled with our work, and with working with us.

  • To be using consistently world-class practices in tree care and in safety.

  • To help our customers and those that come in contact with us to better understand the beauty around them, and how they can help to support and nurture that beauty.

  • We believe if we succeed at these things, we will also create great opportunities for us and our families.


In our Timber Frame, in efforts, we believe:

  • Customers are profoundly moved by the beauty of timber framing. Putting Timber framing in the places where they spend their lives, exposes them to extraordinary beauty and makes a great positive contribution to their lives.


Our culture. We are committed to working together in a particular way. We believe that our work makes a difference in the world. We like to serve, we like to teach, we like to help. We’d like to have fun while working hard. We humbly realize that we sometimes make mistakes and when we do, we take responsibility, figure out how to fix it, and learn from it.

We are very family oriented.  We believe in a healthy work - family balance.  Accordingly, we intentionally focus our work on local customers, enabling us to be home at night.  We normally don’t work on weekends.


We believe that people should be challenged at work (in good ways), have opportunities to grow, and be fulfilled by their work.  


When all these things are right, people go home to their families and friends positively charged.

Available Positions

Crew Leader - Tree Services: 


  • Has the skills and experience to manage a tree service crew, handle cleanup of downed trees, felling trees, rigging and pullovers, and when a climber or truck is needed, can manage those aspects as well.

  • Has experience in the safety aspects needed for those jobs and using standard equipment and will train employees and hold him accountable.

  • ISA Certified arborist is a plus.

  • Experience climbing a plus.

  • Wants to make a difference.
    Pay and benefits:     See below

Office Manager (Full-Time)

  • Handle incoming calls, scheduling jobs, planning for jobs, creating work orders, requesting payments and reviews, and other things to keep the workflow moving smoothly.

  • Some project management for other parts of the company.

  • Working closely with the owner to free him up and enable him to stay in role.

  • Good communication skills and organizational habits are a must.

  • Looking for someone who lives and works on good values, easy to get along with, wants to enjoy their work and to feel good about what they and their company do.

  • Wants to make a difference.
    Pay and benefits:     See below

Client Education and Sales Manager - Tree Services


  • Genuinely cares about the customer.

  • Wired to teach, yet can stay on task in keeping on track with appointments.

  • Has tree servies experience.

  • Coachable.

  • High initiative.

  • Comfortable talking about money.

  • Asks good questions.

  • Lives and works with good values.

  • ISA Certified Arborist a positive.

  • Wants to make a difference.
    Pay:             Salary plus commissions
    Pay and benefits:     See below

Groundsmen (Full-Time)

  • Full-time Groundsman position available at Highland Tree Service in Ann Arbor, MI.

  • ISA certification required.

  • Assist crew leader in various tree maintenance, removal, and care tasks.

  • Safely operate equipment such as chainsaws, chippers, and trucks.

  • Implement proper safety procedures and follow industry standards.

  • Collaborate with team members to accomplish project goals.

  • Join a supportive family-owned business with opportunities for growth.

Crew & Project Manager - Timber Framing Services: 


  • Experienced and passionate timber framer.

  • Work includes repairing and building new timber frame structures including cutting and raising.

  • Experience successfully managing employees and subcontractors.

  • Good communication skills, organized, easy to get along with, joyful personality, lives and works with good values, wants to feel good about what they and their company does.

  • Wants to make a difference.
    Pay and benefits:     See below

Highland Timber Framing and Tree Services pay and benefits:

Schedule:    Full time employees work full schedules unless it’s desirable or necessary to have a different schedule.  We believe that an employee will be able to focus better on their job and to plan for themselves and their family better when they have full time work and don’t have to worry about not having paid work if the weather isn’t right, etc.

Pay:        Above market pay.

Closed for:    In 2024, we expect to be closed on the following days: 
Good Friday (3/29), 
Feast of the Annunciation (4/8), 
Ascension Thursday (5/9), 
Memorial Day (5/27), 
Independence Day, 
Feast of the Assumption (8/15), 
All Saints Day (11/1), 
Feast of the Immaculate Conception (12/9), 
Christmas week (12/25 to 1/2/2025). 
We are passionate about what we do. (Once we’re a little more established, these will be paid holidays.)

Healthy living:    We believe that there is an enormous amount a person can do to be/become healthy (physically, mentally, and otherwise).  We actively encourage our employees to adopt healthy practices.  We actively share our learnings across the group. 

Benefits:    We believe that employees, especially as they start raising families, need health benefits.  We are looking for the right time to offer these benefits. 

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