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The side view of a bare timber frame barn under contruction in the winter.

Timber Frame Barns

Do you need a barn for recreation, agriculture, or workshop space? From cows to cars, barn dances to ducks or dogs, our barns provide unrivaled durability and beauty for all your needs.

Do you want a barn with uncommon beauty?

The strength and quality of a timber frame barn offers a durability and beauty which simply can’t be matched by other building techniques. Thus, while timber frame barns can be more expensive than conventional framing, we believe they are worth the investment! 

A brown cow coming out of a timber frame barn.

How would you use your barn?

Our versatile barns can be tailored to an almost infinite variety of needs and uses.

Provides a space appropriate for agriculture, equestrian activities, and livestock
Can be a home to hobbies and crafts like antique automobiles or brewing
Place for recreation like wedding receptions, barn dances, Oktoberfest, and more!
Sturdy, natural, and sustainable building materials combine with the beauty of timber framing unrivaled by other building techniques.


Our frames are highly customizable and can be tailored to any number of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.


Our Frames Feature: 

  • Adjustable floor plans, ceiling height, and roof pitches.

  • Compatibility with different roofing and siding materials to match existing buildings. 

  • Varying wood species from White and Red Oak to Douglas Fir, White Pine, and Walnut to name a few.  

  • Wide variety of decorative rafter tail cuts and ornamental framing embellishments.

  • And much more!

Barn it! When can we get started?

At Highland, We're Dedicated To Providing The Midwest With An Exceptional Timber Framing Experience

Explore Timber Frame Barns:

Our Experienced Craftsmen & Partners Can Handle Everything From Start To Finish For Your Timber Frame. 

 Consultation, Design, Milling, Joinery, Installation, Restoration, & More!

Make Your Dream A Reality.

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