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A closeup of a large timber frame barn porch.

Porches & Awnings

Timber frame entryways provide shelter from the elements, protect doors, and make for a beautiful architectural focal point!

Add a Touch of Rustic Artistry to Your Home!

 A timber frame entryway can give a beautiful emphasis to the front door of your house, or enhance the storefront of any business. Sheltering you from the elements, timber frame entryways can protect doors and the people using them! Whether configured as a timber frame covered porch or awning, such hand-crafted entryways are both useful and beautiful additions to any building.

A home with a timber frame awning addition.

Timber Frame Porch Benefits

Beautifying an entrance with a timber frame porch or awning is an easy and affordable way to add a touch of elegance and boost the curb appeal of any building.

Depending on their design, such awning or porch additions offer you a wide variety of benefits including:

Protection from the sun, rain, and snow. 
A convenient and cozy space to relax with friends an family.
Enhance the curb appeal of your home or business.
Give beautiful emphasis to the main entrance while adding an elegant touch of rusticity.


Our frames are highly customizable and can be tailored to any number of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.


Our Frames Feature: 

  • Adjustable floor plans, ceiling height, and roof pitches.

  • Compatibility with different roofing and siding materials to match existing buildings. 

  • Varying wood species from White and Red Oak to Douglas Fir, White Pine, and Walnut to name a few.  

  • Wide variety of decorative rafter tail cuts and ornamental framing embellishments.

  • And much more!

Transform Your Entryway with a Timber Frame Awning or Covered Porch

Three people sitting under a timber framed porch attached to a house.

At Highland, We're Dedicated To Providing The Midwest With An Exceptional Timber Framing Experience

Explore Timber Frame Porches & Awnings:

Our Experienced Craftsmen & Partners Can Handle Everything From Start To Finish For Your Timber Frame. 

 Consultation, Design, Milling, Joinery, Installation, Restoration, & More!

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