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A timber frame backyard porch awning.

Backyard Spaces

Discover The Perfect Timber Frame Structure For Your Backyard Oasis.

Why Choose Timber Framing For Your Backyard Addition?

When it comes to natural elegance, durability, and versatility, timber framing leads the way in techniques for enhancing your backyard. Easily customizable to meet your needs and site, timber framing is a perfect way to create beautiful and highly-functional backyard structures, whether for gardening or hospitality. With extensive building and design experience in these areas, Highland Timber Framing's artisan and local craftsmanship is the perfect fit for anyone looking to make their backyard a luxurious and peaceful environment for fun and relaxation.

A backyard timber framed pavilion.



Timber Frame quality is unparalleled...  extreme durability & high integrity.


Solid beams that come together with artisan hand-carved joints.


A local family small business, adding beauty to the community around us.


On a mission to restore classic beauty with one-of-a-kind structures... not something you can buy in a store! 

Explore Backyard Structures

Select an option below to learn about the many ways you can add natural beauty & functionality to your backyard retreat.

Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy grilling or cooking outside but get discouraged by the unpredictability of weather?  Want to host friends or spend time with family but wished you had a better set-up?

Transform the gift of quality time with your loved ones by incorporating a timber frame outdoor kitchen and covered eating area into your backyard. Highland's outdoor kitchen pavilions can incorporate fireplaces and chimneys, grill bays, stovetops, and sinks and counter space to meet all your needs and desires. By providing protection from the elements, they also extend the outdoor recreation season!

Revolutionize Your Hosting and
Relaxation With An Outdoor Kitchen!
A timber frame pergola with an outdoor kitchen underneath it.
A large barn with a timber frame porch addition.

Covered Porches

A covered porch provides a sufficiently open areas for relaxing on beautiful evenings while also giving enough protection from the elements to create a cozy setting in colder or damp weather. Perfect for hosting friends or taking time to relax with family, a timber frame covered porch is an strong and noble addition to any house, whether in the front or back! 

The rustic and classic lines of our handcrafted beams compliment many styles of architecture, making this an easy and attractive addition to any dwelling. Contact our dependable and experienced crew today to find out more!

Beautify Your House With a
Timber Frame Covered Porch!

Outdoor Living

Strong. Long lasting. Hand made. Beautiful.

You can't buy those things at a store. But you can put them in your backyard by commissioning a timber frame structure from our skilled craftsmen. As versatile as it is durable, timber frame structures can transform a property by providing a space where outdoor living becomes comfortable and easy. Whether its a covered patio, gazebo or pergola, or pavilion, such a structure will provide both practical shelter from wind, rain, and sun, as well as imparting an impressive and unique piece of artisan beauty to your property.

Share Your Vision With Us—We Can Make it a Timber Frame Reality! 
Pavilion6-Queen Master Tapered Plate and Rafter 16x24 8-12-Render_edited.jpg

Did you know? Adding a timber frame structure to your property will increase its market value and provide an eye-catching feature for anyone searching for real estate. 

A timber frame gazebo with a table and two chairs.

Dining & Drinks

Have you ever wanted a dining room or bar outside? Timber frame pavilions or porches can create an ideal environment for enjoying fine cuisine and beverages in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A blend of skilled craftsmanship and the raw beauty of rough wood, our timber frame structures present a harmonious union between nature and the man-made. Let us help to incorporate these wonderful structures into your life by providing you with more information on what we can build for you. Just ask! 

Let Nature Nourish You! Commission a Timber Frame Dining Room or Bar Today!

Outdoor Gyms

Tired of working out indoors? Want to get some fresh air at the same time?

A small timber frame work out pavilion is a perfect place to store work out equipment out of the way of children or pets, a great environment to get some alone time, and of course, an ideal place to achieve your workout routine with the fresh air running through your hair and invigorating your body!

Contact our brawny crew today to continue exploring the possibilities an outdoor gym includes.

Flex Your Imagination By Requesting An Outdoor Gym Proposal Today!
Drawing of a timber frame outdoor workout pavillion.
A timber frame garden arbor on a farm.

Yard Enhancements

Timber faming holds almost unlimited possibilities for enhancing your garden or yard. Between gazebos and trellises, garden bridges and swings, our durable and rustic structures can upgrade any property. A gazebo can be a perfect place to relax, read a book, or host guests. Arbors are structures which create shady niches with vines or other plants climbing over their wooden framework. Such an romantic atmosphere makes a perfect setting for couples to enjoy time together or for parents to appreciate nature with their children. No matter the structure type, timber framing can always upgrade the overall look and feel of your yard. From start of pencil drawing to the last chisel stroke, our workmen are here to make your ideas come alive! 

Let Our Craftsmen Make Your Ideas for A Backyard Restoration A Reality!

Our Experienced Craftsmen & Partners Can Handle Everything From Start To Finish For Your Timber Frame. 

 Consultation, Design, Milling, Joinery, Installation, Restoration, & More!

Make Your Dream A Reality.

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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