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Garden Arbors & Trellises

Our Timber Frame Arbors & Trellises Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Home Garden.

Custom Timber Frame Arbors & Trellises

Timber frame arbors & trellises are the perfect addition to any home garden.


A comely feature for any garden, arbors are structures which create shady niches created by vines or other plants climbing over a wooden framework. Sometimes confused with pergolas, arbors specifically feature seating under the lattice or roof beams. Arbors also often form an arch over a path or walkway.

Timber frame arbors are a wonderful way to beautify both a private and commercial garden; whether in a family backyard, hotel courtyard, or resort center. Since they are designed to facilitate climbing plants and flowers, they help bring color and greenery from the horizontal to the vertical dimension. Surrounding the bench with luscious vegetation creates an iconically romantic atmosphere, a perfect setting for couples to enjoy time together or for parents to enjoy nature with their children.


Like an arbor, a trellis provides a structure for climbing plants and vines, but without incorporating a bench. French artist, author, and musician Jean-Max Albert comments on the unique visual aspects of trellis structures: “The trellis permits a visual contact of external and internal elements. It allows [us] to observe together the inside and the outside of a construction.”


Different trellis designs favor a variety of plants,  and are often used to support grapevines, clematis, ivy, and climbing roses.

Garden Arbor & Trellis Benefits

Timber frame arbors & trellises are the perfect addition to any home garden. They offer a wide variety of benefits including:

Increase The Value Of Your Property
Add An Additional Source of Revenue For Your Business
Enhance Curb Appeal
Spend More Time Enjoying The Outdoors & Less Time Worrying About The Weather


Our frames are highly customizable and can be tailored to any number of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.


Our Frames Feature: 

  • Adjustable floor plans, ceiling height, and roof pitches.

  • Compatibility with different roofing and siding materials to match existing buildings. 

  • Varying wood species from White and Red Oak to Douglas Fir, White Pine, and Walnut to name a few.  

  • Wide variety of decorative rafter tail cuts and ornamental framing embellishments.

  • And much more!

Transform Your Property With A Timber Frame Arbor Or Trellis

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At Highland, We're Dedicated To Providing The Midwest With An Exceptional Timber Framing Experience

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